Dear GWAPI Members,

 We sincerely hope that everyone is staying healthy at this time.

We are still in the middle of the Covid pandemic, albeit with a different face.

We apologize humbly in advance for a rather lengthy message

You should definitely take the time to read the communications – it is worth the time!!

 On a practitioner/family level, we fully comprehend your demanding schedule and have tried to be respectful of your time. In addition, and at the same time, we would like for you to recognize the enormous amount of time the Executive Team has been working on your behalf to bring to fruition the philanthropic mission of GWAPI in addition to organizing some festive upcoming events on the back end.

 The following are only some of the activities behind-the-scenes:

 Philanthropic Initiatives:

 We would like to recognize the extremely generous contribution made by Drs. Rishi and Rimi Bhatnagar in the amount of $100,000.  In our capacity as a leadership board, we are speechless and cannot thank or acknowledge enough our very own GWAPI members and friends for their generous support.

We have partnered with many organizations including: IDRF, FAPI, GNFA, SunTrust, Prudential, Karuna Charities, Meals on Wheels, Delhi Star Round Table, Coveda Integral Community, Mata Gujri Gurdwara, as we keep our Core Pillars within our line of sight.

 Among the COVID-related initiatives are:

Hand Sanitizers and Disposable Masks Project

A shipment of more than 23,000 disposable masks and more than 22000 bottles of sanitizer (500 ml) has been sent to India by GWAPI. Those supplies have been distributed to civil hospitals and clinics. Rajeev Khanna is to be commended for leading this project. . (Attachment 1)

  **Consumable Medical Supplies, Ventilators, Bi-PAPs and O2 Cylinders

Govt Medical College, Amritsar had provided us a list of consumable medical supplies that were desperately needed.

Additionally, GWAPI is donating 4 new Ventilators, 12 Bi-PAPs and 12 Oxygen cylinders to various Civil Hospitals serving the needy population. Please see the attachment for details.

  Oxygen Concentrators 

We procured, shipped, and distributed 216 oxygen concentrators during the Covid crisis in India at an early stage when there was a severe shortage of oxygen in the country.

    The following are non-COVID projects:

 Afghanistan Human Crisis September 2021

Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan have been leaving this country as a result of the persecution and violence against them. Humanitarian crisis has been unfolding, including the situation of the Indians in Afghanistan. In some cases, the Canadian government has agreed to accept these families. As a result, the processing will require some time, and resources will need to be provided for several months in order to accommodate the processing and transit. It costs approximately $364 (27,700 INR) per month to support a family of four with rent, food, and other amenities. A contribution of $10,000 will be provided to these families by GWAPI in partnership with GGSF.

Thanks are due to Dr. Rimi Bhatnagar, Dr. Manbir, and Preet Thakar for motivating and assisting GWAPI with the above project. Please feel free to contact Dr Sudhir Sekhsaria for further information and if you wish to support this initiative.


MedChi Care Transformation Organization (MedChi CTO) has been awarded a grant by the Maryland Health Care Commission for the purpose of engaging primary care practices and specialty practices in a practice transformation program. The goal of the program is to prepare small practices to participate in alternative care delivery models.  

 MedChi’s Chief Technology Officer will support practices in completing specific transformation milestones, including assessing their readiness for transformation, redesigning workflows, and providing staff training.

 You are welcome to contact us if you need assistance completing the application or completing the care transformation milestones. First, you will need to complete a FREE survey that is intended to evaluate the health of your practice, and more importantly to identify areas for improvement.

 Please send an email to Trishna Batra If you are interested in completing the survey and receiving additional assistance. Trishna holds a Master of Public Health degree from Emory University, so she can assist in the coordination of practices optimization and practice transformation with Medchi. Combining this with our solid support from MedChi, we have an opportunity that is fully recognized, endorsed, and embraced.

 Finally, but not least, let us hear the drums:

Please save the date – DIWALI CELEBRATION- LIVE EVENT – Saturday, November 13th, 2021 at MGM National Harbor 

  Each physician member: $50 for this event 

  Members whose dues are not paid : $150 

 The guest fee for non-physicians is: $200

 The MGM National Harbor will require guests to wear masks in all of its indoor public areas. All guests are subject to the mask mandate, regardless of vaccination status.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director Trishna Batra. She can be contacted  via text (preferred) at (317)903-0882 or  at the following  email address:


Dr. Gurdeep S Chhabra, President of GWAPI, and the GWAPI Executive Team