INDIA RELIEF- COVID Donations Status Update- FIRST Shipment Arrival in Delhi

Dear GWAPI Members,

GREAT NEWSThe first shipment of Oxygen Concentrators has cleared customs, and the distribution to local charities has begun! (Hemkunt Foundation, Rasoi on Wheels, and Mata Guri Hospital)

 This is a HUGE accomplishment, and we are so thankful to the entire team of GWAPI members, and friends who have made this happen. Again,  we will continue to pass on more detail information as we receive it!!


Procurement :

100 units @ $409 were obtained from Beachwood Medical Supplies in Los Angeles, CA.(Approximately$40,900 towards 100 Dynarex 5L/min model).


Our 100 oxygen  concentrators are part of a larger shipment consisting of 324 units. The (Silver Spring )Guru Nanak Foundation ( (Gurdwara)/ and  Rajasthan AAPI is paying for the shipment of the other 224. These units will be shipped out via an Air India aircraft.


Arranging Transportation has been  a tedious process requiring a lot of  maneuvering and attention to timing & tracking in an effort to make sure that oxygen concentrators will find their way to the entities in India which are taking care of patients directly in an earnest charitable way.

 We are indeed extremely grateful  once again to the  “ Friends of  GWAPI -as the PunitaGroup LLC  continues to guide us as in regards to all the necessary advice about the best and most economical shipment options.

Cost of shipping:

As we are making sure that GWAPI is able to keep control of the concentrators as they arrive in India to be distributed to various different entities across India, we have to bear the air freight cost.  We had been quoted upwards of $125 per piece, but thanks  to the Punitha Group the cost will be approximately between $ 80-100 per unit.

Transparency to our members is of utmost importance to us, and we will continue to provide you with the detailed information as we receive it. 

Once again a huge thanks to the PunitaGroup as they are allowing us to utilize their EXIM license, staff for paper work, and Delhi Warehouse at no additional charge. 

This is truly a honorable example of coming together for the greater good!

On the ground logistics:

We are hoping to get the concentrators to India as soon as possible, and we have been in constant touch with charities such as Hemkunt foundation, Mata Gujri Hospital, and Beena Anand charitable trust , CIIWI to name a few. 

Our goal is to have a solid “boots on the ground “ distribution plan in place, in order to ensure expeditious delivery units to the patients without any cost to them.

We truly appreciate our donors and are committed in ensuring that every  penny will go towards the oxygen needs of our beloved Indians residents .

Thanks a ton to all the GWAPI  team members who have been working around the clock to make this happen!!

If you have not already made your donation, please do so TODAY via Venmo @GWAPI-GWAPI or by contacting Trishna Batra directly at (317)903-0882. Thank you!

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