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Letter from the President

Dear friends,

It is my honor to have the privilege of serving the GWAPI community in this capacity. It has always been my view that our organization can reach any goals when all our members work together. I am going to work to bring the next generation of GWAPI leaders to the forefront. We will continue to increase our charitable giving. We will refocus on educational opportunities including Financial success and Physician well-being. And as always, continue to celebrate life. Please join me to make 2023 and 2024 the most memorable and successful years for GWAPI.

Harmeet Singh, MD
President, GWAPI

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We applaud efforts taken by GWAPI members to actively participate and contribute to various initiatives that gives back to society

Food Drive Coordination

-Reva Gill, M.D.
-Sudhir Sekhsaria.
-Rajeev Khanna, M.D.

Medical Forum KEYNOTE Speakers

-Gene Ransom III, CEO Medchi.
-Lavina Chawla, Co-Founder Chawla & Chawla.

Forum Moderators

-Sanjeev Lakhanpal, M.D.
-Rajesh Rajpal, M.D.
-Harmeet Singh, M.D.
-Ravneet Grewal, M.D.

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