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Letter from the President

I am honored to have been asked to lead this phenomenal organization for the next 2 years. There is so much talent amongst this association, whether it comes from some of the areas finest and most established physicians, all the way through angel investors, renowned authors, and brilliant students.

I know with your commitment, involvement, and support we will surpass any goals we set in the field of Healthcare, Social Responsibility, Education, Mentorship and of course Social Networking.

Thank you again for the honor to serve you.
Gurdeep S. Chhabra, M.D.
President, GWAPI

Gurdeep S. Chhabra, M.D. - image
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Letter from the Chairman


Welcome to GWAPI 2020!

Difficult times and a year to be remembered for long!

GWAPI came into being 5 years ago-precisely 2/2/2015. Having been involved with GWAPI from the time of its inception, I have seen it grow from an unruly child to a mature adult, under dynamic past leaderships, working through criticism, encouragement and achievements.

Currently with “Fearless” leader Dr Chhabra at its helm, I can see it aging as a forceful entity in Greater Washington area. We need to build up on this momentum.

This is your organization and you are its backbone. Our strength lies in our members working in cohesion to achieve our “GWAPI Pillars”.

With every new year we face the same conundrum – where are we headed, what are our goals and how do we get there.

I have always said, step up and BE the change that you want to bring in GWAPI.
Rajeev Khanna, M.D.
Chair, Board of Trustees, GWAPI

Rajeev Khanna, M.D. - image


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We applaud efforts taken by GWAPI members to actively participate and contribute to various initiatives that gives back to society

Food Drive Coordination

-Reva Gill, M.D.
-Sudhir Sekhsaria.
-Rajeev Khanna, M.D.

Medical Forum KEYNOTE Speakers

-Gene Ransom III, CEO Medchi.
-Lavina Chawla, Co-Founder Chawla & Chawla.

Forum Moderators

-Sanjeev Lakhanpal, M.D.
-Rajesh Rajpal, M.D.
-Harmeet Singh, M.D.
-Ravneet Grewal, M.D.

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