Welcome to the GWAPI Mentorship Program (GMP)

We offer a mentorship program both to residents as well as to medical students. The GWAPI mentorship programs pairs young medical professionals with seasoned mentors of the same specialty. The program provides the foundation for an effective and valuable mentoring relationship. Opportunities for a future medical mentorship for students in premed, as well as the years learning and preparing for a career in medicine, is critical to long term success. We all remember a teacher who helped us prepare for something we knew little about. Through that mentoring relationship, we achieved success and remember how good we felt. The relationship can be short-term or long-term, or even a task specific mentor-mentee relationship. Having a good mentor you know and trust can be the difference between achieving success in medicine or failure in any medical field.

This years goal will be to increase memberships reaching out to medical students, as well as residents. We have so much knowledge and talent in the older generations of our medical community, that we what to spread that through upcoming generations.

Medical student mentorship program

Trisha Miglani


GWAPI physicians will strive to provide mentorship to future medical stars.

  • Summer internships for high school and college students interested in pursuing a career in medicine or dentistry
  • Scholarships for undergraduate or medical students based on financial need and academic performance
  • Observership positions for MDs, preparing them for Residency
  • Research positions at NIH, Area hospitals and Research -based Physicians offices
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